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2009 -                          Full Professor

2003 -  2009                Associate Professor, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.     

2001 - 2002                 Associate Professor, University of Southern Maine, Portland ME. U.S.A.

2001 (Spring)              Adjunct Professor, Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland. U.S.A.

1999 – 2001                Researcher/Writer - Women’s Writing, fiction and Non-fiction.

1996 – 1999:               Visiting Lecturer and Coordinator of Literature, Univ. of Swaziland.

                                    Southern Africa.

1994 – 1996                Associate Professor, University of Benin. Nigeria.

1991 – 1992                Research Fellow, Cornell University. U.S.A.

1980 – 1991                Lecturer II ‑ Senior Lecturer, University of Benin. Nigeria.

1976 – 1980                Graduate Assistant ‑ Lecturer II, University of Port‑Harcourt. Nigeria.

Selected Courses Taught

African and Diaspora Women’s Writing.                                              Theories of Feminism.

Multicultural Perspectives on Women and Gender.                               Writing and Drama Workshop.

Introduction to Women’s Studies.                                                         Survey of African American Lit.

Women in Literature.                                                                            Postcolonial African Literature.

Women In Africa.                                                                                 African Mask Communication.

Folk Literature and Theater.                                                                  Composition.              

Comparative Literature (Southern African and African American).

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