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Musical creative space:

All work and no play will certainly make me a very dull woman. Being alone most of the time while I write is not dull, because of the creativity that goes on. I don't just mean my imaginative writing but also the external environment of my creative space. Sometimes, my television is on. Sometimes I play CDs. These days, I download my favorite music and work while it plays. My interaction with these Others is varied. Sometimes I'm so engrossed in what I'm writing that I don't hear the music anymore. Sometimes, I turn the music up. Sometimes, I dance to the music. So how will you describe my work environment? I hope that your guess will not be as bad as what my friend says sometimes, "This is crazy." BUT, I love it.


I like to 'pati.' I know that people love to eat, so I provide eatables. I like to dance and many of my friends love to dance too, so I provide music. Don't just think of stereo music. Think of guitar, drums, and improvisations also. Yes, I tell people to bring their dancing shoes, so nobody can sue me for taking him or her unawares. People always ask me, "What are you celebrating?" "Life!" is my usual reply. I notice that people are not usually satisfied with that reply, so I often find ways of qualifying life. "My sister is visiting." "My brother is visiting." "My friend is visiting." I thank those who visit me, from different continents and areas of the US, for giving me plausible reasons for celebrating life.


Conferences are work, but I try to make them fun. In my Diaspora homing life, conferences give me the opportunity to see friends and former colleagues from different universities where I studied and taught. Guess what? I try to make it fun for me and fun for them. I organize parties and my friends have come to expect it. Don't think of expensive parties. No, no. I carry my boom box with me. My suitcase has a compartment for my boom box and another for my papers, so there’s no conflict between the seemingly incompatible two. My music box ensures that there’s .no expensive DJ. All we need is a relaxing space to catch up on stories, dance, and have fun. I can have a small party in my room if I'm not able to arrange a bigger place. Friends chip in, so we never lack eatables and drinkables. One even donated her suite once for the party because it was large.  One rule only: the parties do not last beyond 12 midnight. My reason? I don't want folks to blame me if they wake up late and miss their sessions the next day. I need my sleep also.
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I like to jog. I love to jog. I think that God brought me to Kansas so that I can enjoy my game of jogging with the indomitable Kansas wind   Kansas wind often acts as my adversary when it pushes me back and slows down my movement. On the other hand, I enjoy wrestling with the wind. Some of my poems reflect my conflict and romance with the wind.
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During the winter, I do more of indoor than out-door exercises. But whenever it is bright, I put on my winter gear and off I go. The only things that stop me are icy conditions and rain. Here are pictures of me enjoying running festivities.

Family & Community:

My family, the Okafor family, is not a hobby or pastime. It is me. I am who I am because of my being part of my family. I maintain this selfhood through constant connection with family - visits, telephone, email, and other communication. Friends and family have blessed my home in Wichita with their presence. They have visited several times from Benin-City, Nsukka, and Lagos (Nigeria) as well as from the UK and different US cities. The visits are not one way – to me only. I also visit them. I usually spend several weeks in Nigeria every year. I also visit my sisters and extended family in England and parts of the US.

Having lived in many continents and different US States where I was very far from my natal family members, I have learnt to create family wherever I am situated. They help me to navigate the customs and ways of my new environments. They say that I bring a different dimension to their lives.
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 I enjoy my Magdalen community.
Magdalen is my church.
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