2009  “Nigeria in 10 Minutes” Power Point presentation at the annual Cultural Event organized by the Nigerian Association of Wichita, October 10.

2009.   “Feminisms in Africa and African Diaspora” Women In Africa and the African Diaspora (WAAD) conference, August 2-8.

2009. “Omumu Concept: A Pro-Feminist Lesson from Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.” Women In Africa and the African Diaspora (WAAD) conference, August 2-8.

2008. “Making the Poet Making Poetry: The Process of Poetic Writing.” The Kansas Writers Association (KWA), June 21.

2008  “Heroes from the Margins: Stories of Athletes who challenged  Racism at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.” Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

2008  Poetry Reading, Ablah Library, Wichita State University, April 24.

2008  Poetry Reading, African American Museum, Wichita, KS May 15 and May 21

2007  “Instructor Positionality and Classroom dynamics” Tilford conference, Wichita State University, October 10.

2007  “Engaging Race in Women’s Studies’ Classes.” Conference on Teaching Gender in 21st Century. The Higher education Academy, University of London, June 29.

2007   “What is Global? What is Vernacular? English Education in African and African Diaspora Women’s Writing.” Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, April 28. 

2007   “From Prairies of Kansas to Seasons of Maine - through the poet’s eye.” University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME, April 3.

2007   “On love, war, and place - from the poet’s diary.” Colby College, Waterville, ME, April 5.

2007   Wole Soyinka: The Energy Behind Influences” Featured Speech at the Symposium on Soyinka: the Man, the Playwright, the Novelist, the Activist." Featured speech, University of Kansas, Lawrence, February 10.

2006  “Global Perspective, African Views: Perceptions of Africa in the West. “ Keynote speech, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, October 21,

2006 “Female Power: Corner Stone or Central Subject in Igbo Mask Performance.” Paper presented at the African Literature Conference. Accra: Ghana. May 17-22.

2006  Women In Higher Education conference. Wichita State University. April 9 & 10.

2006  Talk: “New Ambassadors of WSU" Graduation Celebration. May 11.

2005  “Global Encounters: The Case of Agbogho-mmonwu Mask and Barbie Doll.” Paper presented at the Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies conference, University of London, SOAS, June 29-July 4.

2005  “Femininity and Globalization.” Power Point Presentation at the Anthropology Colloquium, Wichita State University, March 9. 

2005  Empire or Interdependence - A multidisciplinary, international conference on the Post-Cold War world. Friends University, Wichita, April 1-3.

2004 Talk titled, “International and Cross-Cultural Dialogue Across the Atlantic” and facilitation of a conversation between students of “Women In Africa” class (WSU) and Dr. Chioma Opara and her students in Portharcourt (Nigeria).  Global Learning Conference. Wichita State University, Wichita KS: November 12.

2004 “Popular Culture Cross-Culturally: A Comparative Study of Igbo Agbogho-mmonwu and American Barbie.” Paper presented at the African Literature Conference. Madison: WI. April 14-18.

2004 Guest Speaker at the Annual Charitable Event by Nigerian Women Association. Olive Tree Banquet Hall. Wichita. May 15.

2004   Panel Discussant, “Dances with Hip Hop: Debate about female identity.” Ulrich Museum,  Wichita State University, February 29.

2004  Lecture, “Multi-Nation, Multi-culture, and One Country – Nigeria.”  The East Wichita Shepherd Center: Adventures in Learning,  Feb 24.

2003 “Gender Voices in African Mask Communication.” Paper presented at the Anthropology Colloquium, Wichita State university, April 16.

2003 “Transgressions: Stories of an African Woman In America,” Story read at the Southern California Writers’ conference. Oxnard, 1Oct. 3 – Oct. 5.

2003  Panel Speaker. International Women’s Day Celebration, Wichita State University. Talk Title: “Making Known War’s Invisible Victims: The Case of Biafra/Nigeria.” March 7.

2003  Facilitated Dr. Opara’s visit from University of Science and Technology, Portharcourt, Nigeria to talk at WSU on “Bellowing In Silence: African Women and the Struggle for Identity.” June 3.

2003.  “Contors of Ani -  Poetry and Story Reading.  Hubbard Hall. Wichita State University.  November 16.

2002  Keynote Speaker: International Women’s Day Banquet. Talk title: “If I Narrate What they Are Doing To Me: How national and global political economic policies play out in the lives of African women and children.” University of Maine, Farmington. March 8.

2002  “The Voice of Silence in African Women’s Writing and Gender Action.” Paper presented at Women’s Studies’ Retreat, Spruce Point, May 16-17.

2002 “An African Woman in A Women’s Studies Class.” Story read at Maine Women’s Consortium Retreat, May 24-25.

2002  Keynote Speaker, "An African writer in the US." Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance. Portland. May 12.

2002 Designed and facilitated Faculty Seminar Series on Gender, Race, and Pedagogy for University of Southern Maine faculty and staff. Sept. 27, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, and Dec. 13.

2002 Designed and facilitated a seminar and workshop on “Cultural Perspectives in the Classroom,” for the College of Nursing, University of Southern Maine, November 7.

2002 Panel Discussant, “The Role of Higher Education in Globalization: A Cooperative Knowledge or  Resistance?” University of Southern Maine. Portland, April 24.

2002 Talk: “Ritual Authority, Communication, and Empowerment of Women in African Masking.” Museum of African Tribal Arts, Portland, ME. April 18.

2002  Interview on WMPG’s “big Talk” by Wendy Hazzard and Michael Hillard about my poetry and plays. February 21.

2002 Moderated a conversation between students, the university and greater Portland communities on students' perspectives on education at the University of Southern Maine, Portland ME, April 8.

2002 “Poetry Reading on the Eve of St. Valentine’s Day: Poems of Love and Life” Luther Bonney Auditorium, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME. February 14.

2001 Co-Facilitated the Riverton Branch community conversation on the subject of Sept. 11. Organized by Maine Humanities Council. October 11.

2001 Oral Poetry Performance and Introduction of the Convocation Scholar, Nobel Prize Laureate, Wole Soyinka, at his talk and opening of the University of Maine Convocation. September 25.

2000 “Break the Silence: Women Writers of Africa Speak.” Paper presented with Christiana Okechukwu at the African Literature Association (ALA),  Lawrence, Kansas, U.S.A. April 12-16.

1999 “Contemporary African Literature and Beauvoirism.” Colloque International, Cinqauntenaire Du Deuxieme Sexe, Ministere de la Culture, Paris, Jan. 19-23.

1998 "Post Colonial Literature in English: A View from The Inside,” University of Bologna, Italy.  June 19.

 1998 Poems - Earth’s Bed Chamber. Instituto Emilia-Romangna, Bologna. Italy. June 19.


2009  Directed a play, “Scramble for Africa 2” by C. Okafor,  performed by students of Wichita State University, October 30.

2008  Supervised students’ rehearsals of excerpts from, The New Toyi Toyi, and presentation at WSU, March 28.

2009  Class visit and talk, Friend’s University, Wichita, KS, October 22.

 2009  Faculty Facilitator, “Miss Africa” presentation by students of Wichita State University, April 10.

2006 Supervised “Africana Presents the World” – a variety of dance, drama, poetry, fashion and musical shows from different cultures of Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

2004 My Scholarship – one-act play by Chinyere Okafor, performed by WSU students. Olive Tree, Wichita: October,  2.

2003  Three Women – one-act play by Chinyere Okafor performed by WSU students. November 16.

2002  Initiated and facilitated the opening of a branch of Women In Need (WINI) in Portland, ME. WINI provides health and development assistance to poor women and children. March-April.

2002 Organized African women dancers that performed at the Annual Women’s History Month Celebration. Woodbury Center, Portland. March 1.

2002  The Lion and The Iroko produced by A. Kent, Theater Department, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME. March 6.

1999 The New Toyi Toyi. Play performance by students. New Science Theater, University of Swaziland.  Kwaluseni.  Swaziland. February, 10.

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